Jahangir Alam

Sales Representative

Jahangir is an intelligent and hard-working individual who you can trust with your confidential investment discussion and decision. He is patient, listens carefully to the client's needs and gives the best possible options with alternatives. He is punctual and always adhere to his side of the commitment. Jahangir is the person who will do anything within his boundary to keep his promise.

He is a go-getter and a deal maker. He knows how to make the best out of the other side of the table. He provides valuable advice that fits the client's needs and never tries to push his opinion or agenda and respects whatever decision the client makes.

After-sale service is an important factor in a real estate buy and sell. You can count on him to get the best possible service after your deal is closed. If you want a deal maker, go-getter, who looks after your best interest, and if you want your agent to be on your side no matter what, you want Jahangir.

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